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Welcome to the Philosophy Of Reason,a new approach to thought and consciousness which will radically transform your life for the better. Those who understand the principles of POR find contentment, peace, and happiness, empowering them to live enthusiastically, productively, and ethically, in keeping with but not limited to scientific understanding of truth and reality.

Meaning is the beginning, the origin; purpose is the end, the goal; being is what exists, and can only exist between a beginning and an end. Reason is inductive logic, it is not deductive. Deductive is math, deductive is rational. Rational is good. Reasonable is better. In a world where math is triumphant, we need to know that reason is transcendent.

This wiki documents the words and ideas behind the Philosophy Of Reason, the religion at the heart of the New Church of Hope. Using a unique yet universal approach to language, philosophy, science, religion, reason, and thought, the Philosophy Of Reason provides a foundation for human cognitive progress beyond any current or historical efforts.

Words don't work the way you've been told; words don't not work the way you've been told. Welcome to the Philosophy Of Reason.

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